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Based out of San Diego, CA, Charlie is a huge fan of both hip-hop and jazz. He typically focuses on his favorite records from Blue Note, CTI, Death Row and the Native Tongues collective. Music has been one of his biggest hobbies since the 7th grade, so he founded the Tenth Man in order to channel his passion and share it with an audience. He’s also an avid NBA fan, posting occasional player profiles, opinionated editorials and general thoughts on the upcoming seasons. In the long run, his biggest goal is to build his own personal version of “The Pyramid” – or an in-depth examination of personal favorites from each genre.

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I’m Cameron. I have an insatiable love for indie and folk music. When I’m not listening to or thinking about music, you can find me playing ultimate frisbee, watching baseball, or searching for documentaries about obscure historical events. My favorite artists are Fleet Foxes, Pink Floyd, Sufjan Stevens, and Radiohead.


Cian is an Irish grad student and aspiring musician. He has previously written album reviews for his university newspaper. A complete music obsessive, he spends most of his waking hours listening to, discussing, and reading about music! His favourite artists are Radiohead, David Bowie, and Animal Collective.

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Edward Benner is an avid music lover and guitarist. He spends every waking moment listening to, analyzing, and sharing music. He has an appreciation for all genres, but his favorites include indie, punk, folk, jazz, and hip-hop. He wrote as an entertainment editor for his high school paper and also enjoys writing poetry. Edward is passionate about record collecting, literature, film, environmental science, and philosophy. His favorite artists include The Cure, The Smiths, David Bowie, Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes, Frank Ocean, and Pinegrove.


Based out of Toronto, Canada; John is a long-time music lover, performing in numerous concert bands and jazz bands alike, as well as writing his own solo material. His favourite artists are Joanna Newsom, Kendrick Lamar, and Sufjan Stevens.


I’m Julia – I have a seemingly never dying love for shoegaze, going to concerts and guitar gear. Whenever I’m not roaming record stores, tweeting about music or attending basement shows I usually write music or thinkpieces and reviews. My three favorite artists right now are My Bloody Valentine, Adorable and Erkin Koray.

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Twitter: @JulisHead_


Michael has spent most of his life being engaged with music in any number of ways. Playing jazz piano, near-continuously looking for more music to discover, be it contemporary or classic, and writing are the three clearest connections. He is also passionate about design of all sorts, with a focus on architecture; politics, both past and present; and cultural criticism of all varieties. His favorite artists are The Necks, Nicolas Jaar, and Joanna Newsom.


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