About The Tenth Man

What is the “Tenth Man”?

The Tenth Man, simply put is a look at the overlooked and under-appreciated. The last man off the bench whose contributions, though often forgotten, are crucial to a successful playoff run. The undiscovered musician, whose story still influences.

Athletes in smaller markets who receive limited publicity. Specialists, honing in on one skill that fills a glaring weakness. Or workhorses, jack-of-all-trades – with the attitude and all-around skillset to boost those around them.

This may be anyone under small or independent labels, whose music hasn’t quite reached the ears of the mainstream press. Or those influences from the past, whose contributions, though not necessarily praised, echo into modern scenes. Certain (if not most) acclaimed individuals absolutely deserve their shine and as such, they too will be analyzed from time to time.

Formed by Charlie Wooley in 2014, its main focus has been to uncover these individuals and give them the attention they deserve.

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