<100 Week of 9/1


Less Than One Hundred (or more simply put <100) is a biweekly segment where I (Rem) review albums that I enjoyed in the past week in less than 100 characters; simple as that. This week we have some guest features from Charlie and Cameron.

Let’s get into them!


Exquirla – Para Quines Aun Viven







The Spanish Motorik: 1-part Flamenco vocals, 2 parts Can demos, and a splash of Porcupine Tree. Served in a Louboutin.


LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver









A stiff whiskey’s best friend; a bitter middle-aged man, with a microphone and plenty of shit to say.


Neil Young with Crazy Horse – Zuma







Even a grandfather could tap his withering foot to this album. A folk experimentation that has aged like a $200 cheese.


Fridge – Happiness







A diverse sound collage being aberrantly described in its song titles, Four Tet’s signature craftsmanship shines.


AFX – Orphans










After taking a breather from his acid alias, Rich James returns, fusing Syro’s variety with his 90’s Bubblebath EP’s.


13th Floor Elevators – Easter Everywhere








What could possibly make 60s psychedelia better? Stereo panning, a full jug accompaniment and a whole lot of acid.

John Coltrane – My Favorite Things







Beautiful piano work and a soprano sax stretch standards to the brink – in innumerable mind-blowing directions.


Swans – Filth







Angry man growls into microphone over (((gritty))) no-wave for 30 minutes.

Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins









Rich, layered synths add onto the already vivid psych-folk sound the outfit established. No Bad News Bears here.

Real Estate – In Mind







The ultimate in “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Predictable, but enjoyable summer-y surf rock.



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