<100 Week of 10/6


Less Than One Hundred (or more simply put <100) is a sporadically planned segment where I (Rem) review albums that I enjoyed in the past week (or so) in less than 100 characters; simple as that. This week we have some guest features from Cameron and Eric!

Let’s get into them!



Holy Fuck – Bird Brains


With a showcase similar to The Chemical Brothers on steroids, HF casts a barrage of distortion upon the listener.


George Harrison – All Things Must Pass

Beatles without posh; expert guitar work integrates itself into a left-field carefree folk jam record.


Madvillain – Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix

Far too similar to feel new or refreshing, ends up sounding like microwaved Olive Garden leftovers.


Depeche Mode – Violator

A dismal dark industrial club, with fluid stains on the walls and eyes daggering the ground.


Tera Melos – Trash Generator

The equivalent of throwing a calculator, some stones, Battles’ vocals, and guitar picks into a blender. 




The National – Sleep Well Beast

Gloomier and more experimental than ever. A fantastic return to form from the indie rock perennials.


Alt-J – Relaxer

Unable to extend their usual act for another 40 minutes, Alt-J phones in an awful re-imagining of House of the Rising Sun.


Girlpool – Powerplant 

Great lo-fi indie rock with hypnotizing harmonies. Girlpool does well to avoid the sophomore slump.




Thursday – No Devolucion

A band that often blurs forward wraps itself into a whirlpool & pulls into its vertical dimension.

Saves the Day – In Reverie

Broad strokes that stay soft as they get heavy, cloud fluff balled up in a fist before it rains.



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